10 Free Dot to Dot Print Downloadable Site

Dot to Dot
When your kids learn the number and be able to write line with pencils, why not try to “Dot do Dot”.
Especially it is really fun for kids to draw an interesting figure with connecting the dot according to the number.
Today I would introduce such an interesting Dot to Dot print downloadable site.

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Learning Material House for Kids

*This is not an official English name, I translated it conveniently.

This site is very famous in Japan and a lot of Dot to Dot materials available(Numbers, Hiragana, Katakana...)

Print Kids

Dot to Dot prints are divided by Difficulty. It is easy to use and print. Do not forget this on your bookmarks.

Nuri Peta!

Dot to Dot prints are categorized by the numbers of Dot. It is simple and easy to search.

Dot to Dot Puzzle

You can play dot to dot online, also you can print those you played. Really great site.


Nifty provides Dot to Dot print materials. The quality of Illustrations are high and the completed connected prints are really cool.


There are many high quality materials available. the number of Dot is rather lower than the other site.


There are many Dot to Dot print available. most of them has pre-drawing line and easy to imagine

Connect the Dots

This is abc alphabetic dot to dot. The children can learn the English letters

Yahoo!Kids Paper Craft

You can find the Dot to Dot print in the Yahoo!Kids Peper Craft. High quality materials are available.That's Yahoo! quality

Nurie Land

You can download freely a lot of prints for child learning. I found 15 dot to dot materials.

That’s all today.
My daughter actually like Dot to Dot more than I though. Even though same animals, the different shapes are available in the different site. You must check all of them!

[Image:Wooden material free illustration]

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