10 Free Coloring Page Downloadable Site

Free Coloring Page

The other day, I introduced the coloring page site for the popular character. There are many normal coloring page material available online.
Some sites are inconvenient due to a lot of advertise displays. I would introduce the selected high quality coloring pages site here.

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Nurie Land

From the easy to the difficult, there are many material available for 3-5 years children.

@Nifty Kids

3 steps difficulty, online paintings and offline available.

Learning Material House for Kids

*This is not an official English name, I translated it conveniently.

Seasonal Paintings、Chinese zodiac coloring pages available. PDF file format.


Cute and soft touched material. It's good for first coloring experience.Very easy

Forest of Nurie

You can submit the request for coloring pages. They provide not only normal but also educating materials such as Chinese Characters, Numbers.

Nurie Zoo

This site materials are categorized by Sky, Land, Sea Animal. Those animals are personified and soft touched figures.

Free Nurie and Paintings for kids

There are a lot of variety of Coloring Pages.You can find set of materials and models on the first coloring pages corner.

Let’s Study

This site provides lots of educational coloring pages.


Distinct button leads you the materials. you never miss click the advertise. Historical event and hero printings available.

Coloring Pages for Kids

The last one is here, american comic-ish illustration, there are so many materials available.

That’s it, I chose 10 sites for easy use.
I realized there so many educational perspective on Coloring Pages, like number, character, event day and so on.It is just simple to download and print out.


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