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Paper Craft Materials
The other day, I introduced Scissors Practice Worksheet Sites.
And I touched some of Paper Craft Material site out of those site.
Today I would look into it more. some of them are for adults, but it is still useful for enjoying with children.

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Paper Craft -Cannon Creative Park-

CANNON is the world famous company and Printer is the one of it's main business. Cannon provide some ideas for the paper craft. I would like to visit this site regularly.

Epson Web print world : Paper Craft

Epson is also one of biggest company for printer business. from rare animals to life things, there are a lot of easy materials for kids.

Mansei Clusb

Meat Mansei is actually meat shop. Why do they have paper craft material? if you visit this site, you'll find the answer. Especially for girls, I'm sure they love it.

Yahoo!Kids Paper Craft

Life creature, Vehicles, there are a lot of category the children likes. They picked up the recommend one regularly.

Paper Musium

More than 300 materials available and there is popular ranking. You can find your favorite one easily.

Kidz goo Paper Craft

Play, Decorate, Present, Use, there are a lot of category available.

Kirin Beverage Paper Craft

Kirin Beverage provide the papar craft model site. Beginner mark is tagged for easy one.


Paper Craft Yamaha Motors

This site's materials are a bit difficult though, the boys like the cool vehicles. you would surprise at the quality of the product.Cool Bikes and animals available.

Nissan : Paper Craft

Nissan also provide the many types of Nissan Car. Colors and non-Colors, you can choose both.

Paper Craft : JR West

I will not forget about the train. From Shinkansen to SL, I'm sure Boys would love into them.

Try Making! Paper Airplane -ANA-

These are the paper airplane craft. you can throw and it will fly high.some of them are decorated with Pokemon.

Oominato MOD : Gallery Paper Craft

It is really professional paper craft available. you can find not only the materials but also manuals.

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force : Paper Craft

JGSDF provide their paper craft form The Helicopters to the Tanks. It is so high quality.

JAL - Paper Craft

This is not for real flying one, but JAL airplanes model paper craft is really cool and professional.

Paper Craft : Epson Nakajima Racing

Again from Epson. Epson is the sponsor for the racing car.These paper craft can move.


Making Paper Craft! Jaxa Kids Site

Various satellite paper craft materials available. The earch and the mars, you can feel the space and astronaut.

SF Paper Craft Gallery

SF mechanics in the Star Wars are published. There is no manuals, but it is great to just see.

GO!GO!Craft Man - JAXA club

Jaxa provide paper craft. you can find the difficulty easily.


Paper Craft - Epson Aqua Stadium at Home

This is also from Epson. Paper Craft Aquarium. From moving paper craft to tips for making it, it is kindly navigated site.

Rare Animals Paper Craft -- KonicaMinolta

These paper craft materials are provided as Eco activity of konicaminolta. you can learn the rare animals through enjoying paper craft.


[Free Download] Paper Craft Naver Matome

Naver Matome collected building paper craft materials.

That’s all today. There are a lot of wonderful amazing paper craft.
Even though it is too difficult for children, it is a big chance to show that Dad is great!
Let’s do it!

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[Published: 2014/7/26]
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