10 Free Dot to Dot Print Downloadable Site

Dot to Dot
When your kids learn the number and be able to write line with pencils, why not try to “Dot do Dot”.
Especially it is really fun for kids to draw an interesting figure with connecting the dot according to the number.
Today I would introduce such an interesting Dot to Dot print downloadable site.
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10 Free Scissors Practice Worksheet downloadable site

Scissors Practice Worksheet free downloadable best 10 site
When your child become around 3 years old, why not start scissor training.
First time, it is well enough just to cut the paper in strait line according to the leading mark written by pencil.
Let’s say “open” and “shut”, “open” and “shut” continuously beside your children.
You must see carefully your child never cut his/her fingers.

Today I would like to share the free material site for the scissors practice and paper craft.
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Super Easy Coloring Pages for little kids

As you know, the coloring paint is a bit difficult for the little 1-3 years children. The following picture is that my 2 years daughter painted first time. That’s not bad, since she used 2 colors.
I created the super simple and easy coloring pages for such little kids. you can download them for free.
I put right color next to the material for helping children recognize the color.
*Actually kids cannot grip the coloring pen first, so I would suggest you grip your child hands together.
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