18 Free Coloring Paint Page Sites of Famous Character

The Drawing of child begins from Coloring so called Nurie in Japan. Coloring Paint is the very good practice which help children to recognize the color and figure, moreover it is simply fun. Today I would like to share the poplar site which provide the famous character for free.

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Draemon is the one of most popular and famous character in Japan, it is very simple and easy to draw.

Nurie Channel
Free! Character Paint for Kids☆
Hand writing animation painting for children free download


Anpanman is the most easy and simple character to draw. and it is also easy to pronounce. He is one of the first character for kids to be remembered.

Anpanman Coloring Materials
Hand writing animation painting for children free download
Free Anpanman Coloring for kids - NAVER matome


There is a few complicated figured character in Pokemon World, however basically the main characters like Pikachu are very easy and friendly writing.

Free! Character Paint for Kids☆
Pokemon Coloring Paint print out available - NAVER matome
Coloring Pages Pokemon


Kitty is the world famous and poplar character which is generated in Sanrio corporation. she is popular not only children but also adults, there are so many variety exist in each local area.

Hello Kitty coloring pages
Best Coloring Pages For Kids
Free printable coloring pages for kids

Micky Mouse

Micky Mouse is the main hero in the Disney world. Since he is made up of the clear color, it is best material for coloring.

Micky Nurie | Nueir Print | Disney Download
Free! Character Paint for Kids☆
Free Mickey Mouse nurie for kids - NAVER matome


Miffy is one of the most famous character in the world. It looks like it is very simple drawing, but in real, it is very balanced figure, and not as easy as it looks.

Free! Character Paint for Kids☆
Miffy Coloring Pages. Print free Miffy Coloring Pages for young and old. Miffy Coloring Pages Downloaden.
Miffy coloring pages, 25 Miffy printable coloring pages

6 characters in 18 sites.
That’s all today. In case If I find additional good coloring page site, I would add in future.

*by the way I generated the super easy coloring pages for little kids.


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